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[A few more choices for you to make about Bridget:

She could be constructed at base TL of 10 or 11 (12 is reserved primarily for military ships). Repairs and parts may be easier to find at TL 10 (more common in the Deep), but TL 11 would be more reliable and have some items of higher TL that work better. Which would you prefer?

Turrets: Most turrets of this TL range provide for a gunner's station built into the turret itself. However, at TL 10+, you also have the option of remote operation, from a bridge workstation for example. Your preference?

As depicted on MgT Core p.117, this version of the A2 has four workstations right on the bridge, meaning your whole crew could get most of their work done all in one cozy little compartment. Of course, there is also an engineering workstation in each of the main drive rooms, port and starboard. Where would you say your engineer's main duty station is? What about other crew?

Originally Posted by pendragonman View Post
"Thank you Jurin Control. Yes, we will be returning to the High Port. Thank you for the consideration.
"We'll be happy to see you back, Captain. We'll hold your current berth for you; no charge while you're gone, and no docking fee when you get back, only the standard Cr100/day. Just give us a call when you're clearing Jurin Atmospheric Control Zone, and we'll give you a clear flight path back to the dock."

Originally Posted by pendragonman View Post
Seeing their disappointment, tell the kids:

"Well, maybe if it's ok with Mum, AND if you can stay strapped into your seats, you can watch the drop to the Low Port from the Bridge. Not the same as seeing the Glory that is the High Port buuuut..."
The kids are quite excited by this prospect. The bridge workstation seats all have some ability to move in tracks near their stations, then lock in place. Assuming none of the children are qualified as pilots, and that you don't require any other crew on the bridge for this maneuver, you have seats for three kids. You could also let other family members into the Captain's stateroom or into the two forward-facing passenger staterooms, all of which should have a good view.

Originally Posted by pendragonman View Post
Drop to the low port. Meet Turovik and get him his goods.

"Mano, is that part at the High Port or on the planet surface? We will be on the surface for a few hours and can save the shuttle costs.
"That flow regulator, Cap'n? The one I wanted to look at is on the Highport, cuz I didn't know we'd be hitting dirt here. I can run some directory searches for the Downport now, see if I can find one that looks better or cheaper. I'll get right on that."

As you unlock Bridget from the Highport and follow the indicated flight path inward toward Jurin itself, you are handed off to Jurin Atmospheric Control. The voice you hear sounds like a rather elderly lady: "Bridget, welcome to Jurin. If you'll keep a few ground rules in mind, we'll all get along just fine. Most of our land area is inhabited, especially in the tropical zones, and you'll note that our Downport is just off the equator. We also have activities going on out at sea in most areas. For these reasons, we require active Pilot control at all times within our atmospheric control zone, and treat every surface area as potentially a populated area."

"The most significant rule for you, if you are just visiting our Downport, is that we request that you match velocities outside of atmosphere and make a quiet, controlled, descent; no fiery entries with low altitude gravitic dumps, please. Then, if you choose to travel anywhere other than the Downport, get yourself a channel to the appropriate Guild officer for a controlled flight plan."

"Here are the parameters for your descent to the Downport [data dump of parameters]. Do you have any questions?"
Imperial Core Update: In other news, Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi is... still alive.

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