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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post

I am afraid that I am as clueless as Lt McPhee as to the meaning of what C.C.C. just said. Color Davis? Full-a-porky-pies? Party Rocks Harts???

Would my character know this slang (or accent) after 10 years in the Army? Or do I need to send him back upstairs to ask C.C.C. what was meant?

And I know that a hogshead is a rather large barrel - would these be just random metal scraps?
Colour is the mode of address/reference for a Colour Sarjeant, the senior non-warrant NCO grade in the Royal Army.

porky-pies is historic Cockney Rhyming Slang. Make an English roll at TN 4- (Native is always full Charisma)

And yes, McPhee has Survey. He'll teach it to any PC who wants. And there will be XP at conclusion of chapter, so you'll have at least two tries if you try to learn it. And I said Cartography will have lower TN's, not that it's totally useless, for the kind of specialty gear in use.
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