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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
McPhee looks to Charley.

"Color Davis is full-a-porky-pies, and I don't know he's actually sending us our Party Rocks Harts." snaps out Charley, while filing the daily reports.

McPhee, in an apparent attempt to not look like he's clueless as to what the cockney Lance Sjt is trying to say, utters. "Very Well, Lance Sjt. That, and if you can wiggle it, a hogshead of metal scraps.

I am afraid that I am as clueless as Lt McPhee as to the meaning of what C.C.C. just said. Color Davis? Full-a-porky-pies? Party Rocks Harts???

Would my character know this slang (or accent) after 10 years in the Army? Or do I need to send him back upstairs to ask C.C.C. what was meant?

And I know that a hogshead is a rather large barrel - would these be just random metal scraps?
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