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Small Starburst [T5 ATU] Native Intelligent Life of the Far Stars Sector.

This thread is for Referee (Magnus von Thornwood) or his agents to post NIL in. Please keep it clean.

I will be posting the NIL of the Far Stars sector here. The first Sophonts will be concentrated in the Permatic Imperium and after they are done, I will move on to the rest of the sector.

Enjoy and comments welcome, I reserve the right to move conversations if the are distracting from the primary purpose of having a place for people to find info on the Sophonts of the Far Stars.


For those interested, I have finally got around to pulling the data for Native Intelligent Life in the Far Stars and of course I started with the Imperium.

So, here I present more additions to the Things I Have To Create list. In fact, I have to create/mod a boilerplate for doing up Sophonts now since I really should have the NIL for the Captial done up. Well, enjoy.
While in the OTU the Sophonts (or Aliens if you will) are classified either as Major or Minor Races according to whether they invented/discovered Jump Drive or not, those that did are the Majors, those that did not are the Minors. In the ATU of the Permatic Imperium a slightly different definition is used. A race or species of Native Intelligent Life is a Major Race if its Homeworld is a Member State of the Imperium, the NIL of Client States or Imperial Domains are classified as Minor Races. The standard TL required to qualify as a Member State of the Imperium is TL-9 (low interstellar), there are of course exceptions, such as Sphic which is has an Imperial County Seat or Ahoma who built and maintain a Class C Starport (with the help of the local Imperial Maquis) in order to show their readiness to join the Imperium. Most states in the Imperium TL-8 and below remain Client States and thus their NIL remain classified as a Minor Race. Not quite all fair and square, but then neither is life, kids.
Imperial Member States.

	1)	0927 Quelw	[unknown]	A 75A A99-G B Wa Hi Tz Cp Rb [Nat]      610 Pc M6 VI BD
	2)	0930 Sphic	[unknown]	E 635 EEG-3   Ho [Nat]                A 511 Pc F4 V M0 V
	3)	1025 Woollee	[unknown]	A 651 7A7-B   Po [Nat]                  831 Im K7 V M0 V
	4)	1128 Heridis	[unknown]	C 745 744-B S Ag Na Pi Tz [Nat]         800 Im M8 V
	5)	1327 Supsula	[unknown]	A 522 BFD-8 N He Hi In Po Lk [Nat]    A 902 Pc F7 V
	6)	1333 Bristol	[unknown]	A 794 8A6-C S Ph Pa Pi Co Lk Tu [Nat]   632 Im F0 V G5 VI
	7)	1624 Saucil	[unknown]	B 744 973-C   Hi In Co Tu [Nat]         912 Pc G9 V
	8)	1725 Permatic	Edendextu	A 365 C8A-H N Hi Cx Ra [Nat]            900 Ki K7 V
	9)	2021 Baast	[unknown]	A 647 89A-C S Ph Pa Pi [Nat]            511 Im G8 V
	10)	2123 Adoshem	[unknown]	A 887 7AD-A   Ga Ag Na Ri [Nat]         111 Im K1 II
	11)	2238 Ahoma	[unknown]	C 776 797-7   Ag Na Pi Bw [Nat]         100 Im A9 IV
	12)	2728 Penared	[unknown]	A 788 787-9   Ag Na Ri [Nat]            330 Im G3 V K8 V

Imperial Client States.

	1)	0724 Colony A	Voodgi	        C 628 765-8 D Pi Ho An Pe [Nat]       R 612 Oe K4 V
	2)	0820 Typr	[unknown]	E 558 720-3   Ag Na [Nat]               912 Ic G4 V
	3)	0823 Cesabe	[unknown]	C 757 7AB-8   Ga Ag Na Lk [Nat]         901 Ic F2 V G5 V F9 V
	4)	0924 Ateli	[unknown]	C 864 786-3 S Ag Na Ri Tz [Nat]         710 Ic A D
	5)	1321 Criden	[unknown]	E 697 7BE-5   Ag Na Pi [Nat]          A 520 Ic K4 V
	6)	1528 Strusli	[unknown]	E 689 DAC-4   [Nat]                   A 911 Ic F9 V
	7)	1533 Alpesemp	[unknown]	B 433 759-8   Po Ho [Nat]               614 Ic K2 III
	8)	1722 Frita	[unknown]	C 772 89A-5   Ph Pi Ho [Nat]            933 Ic K0 IV
	9)	1728 Ferione	[unknown]	B 244 898-8 S Ph Pa Pi [Nat]            801 Ic K6 II
	10)	1733 Hyltap	[unknown]	C 446 767-4 S Ag Na Pi Ho [Nat]         424 Ic G6 V
	11)	2027 Beni Hasan	[unknown]	C 775 89A-6 S Ph Pa Pi Ho Tr [Nat]      531 Ic G8 V M4 V
	12)	2225 Winnona	[unknown]	E 755 8A8-4   Ga Ph Pa Co Tu [Nat]      401 Ic G5 V G1 VI
	13)	2227 Niospoy	[unknown]	D 324 77B-8 S Pi Ho [Nat]               200 Ic K9 III M9 V BD
	14)	2323 Ovistro	[unknown]	B 556 788-6 A Ag Na Lk Bw [Nat]         820 Ic F4 V
	15)	2522 Alesish	[unknown]	C 568 886-2   Ph Pa Ri [Nat]            701 Ic G3 V
	16)	2629 Cygnus	[unknown]	D 493 798-4 S Pi Tz [Nat]               301 Ic K9 V
	17)	2725 Coundk	[unknown]	C 755 895-4   Ga Ph Pa Ho Tr Tz [Nat]   421 Ic M1 V

Imperial Domain States.

	1)	0727 Ducind	[unknown]	E 583 8DC-1 A Ph Ri Ho Tz [Nat]         101 Id M7 V
	2)	0728 Gwynplaine	[unknown]	B 887 831-5 S Ga Ph Pa Ri [Nat]         701 Id A9 II K8 V
Looking at the TCs briefly, what a surprise, Ag Worlds seem to breed NIL.

Thanks again to Jim for the excellent and detailed Far Stars Sector *sigh* spreadsheet. It will be super-awesome once I figure out how the damned things work. I do know that when I try and make a chart it crashes the application.

Posted Sophonts. (Per T5 Core Rules if a Sophont is posted, it is playable.)
  1. Edendextu of Permatic [FARS 1725].
  2. Voodgi of Colony A [FARS 0724].
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