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Question 10 dton Fighter reference art

Hello everybody

I am preparing a few Traveller (3D) modeling projects and one of that should be a 10 dt - non-Rampart - fighter craft.

Is anyone aware of other reference art of the stylish little 10 dton fighter from classic Traveller/MT (image below)? In addition to that does it have a canon class name?
[Edit] I digged one detail up: The MT Starship Operators Manual states the craft as IRAMDA Class 10 ton Fighter (on the Relative Size Chart, p.58). And I have a side profile now

It has a more contemporary scifi look than the mid 50ies rocketship design of the Rampart (in my opinion). Now don't get me wrong, the Rampart is cool in an Azhanti High Lightning centered context and the models and renderings shown elsewhere on various Traveller art related websites are just great.

I just think I've seen enough Ramparts and absolutely no take of this 10 dton Fighter:

There seems to be no view from the rear or any other really different perspective. But it would certainly look great in a scene with the Patrol Cruiser I am currently having fun with.

Thanks a lot for any hint, link, suggestion or comment

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