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Default Once more into the breach.... of 3D modelling - Horronon ATV

Here is an image of the Horronon ATV from Double Adventure 2, drawn in FreeCad.

And here is it printed on my 3D printer - with a GZG 25mm and a Mantic Games 30mm mini next to it, for scale.

(and in case anyone noticed, yes, that's a MegaHex battle map underneath -I'm very excited for the Kickstarter for "The Fantasy Trip" - It and Traveller are my two favorite games)

I'm not happy with the laser cannon - the cannon itself is too small, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing - its something that could be man-portable, which would open up some possibilities (with a long enough power cable). I'll probably redesign it sometime later - it's not glued in, so I can swap it out.

I'll be slapping some paint on it over the next few weeks, and perhaps I'll embarrass myself by showing off my painting skills.

If anyone is interested, and if it's allowed, I can post the STL files in the File Library. I won't upload them to a "public" STL repository like Thingiverse as the model is derived from Marc's IP. I kind of munged up the connectors - had 4mm holes lined up, so I could use pegs to keep it together while it was being glued, but that didn't turn out so well, so I just glued it carefully.
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