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8 October, 1886. London England.

Henri DuBois has arrived in the city for a symposium Darwin's theory of natural selection. Sitting in the lobby of the Great Western hotel reading the Western Mail he spots the advert and is immediately intrigued.

How did that young lieutenant put it last night? "Publish or perish!" All to true. Certainly his family was one of means but he wanted to establish himself as his own man.

His dissertation while published and sufficient to graduate him was workman like. His two other papers showed promise but were still nothing of note. This! This would give him an experience few others scientists in his field could have. It was most certainly dangerous but the reward would be well worth it. If he survived he would be a Naturalist of note for that alone.

A letter of endorsement from a member of the RE? That young officer last night, Caruthers? He was amiable enough. Well at least as long as Henri was buying his drinks. Was he in the Royal Engineers? If not did he know someone?

Henri decided to seek him out on tomorrow at the concluding day of the symposium.

Fortunately Lt. Caruthers is in the RE and a letter of endorsement is quickly, if not cheaply, obtained.

Monday two letters are sent out from the Great Western. One to James Fellows, Maj. containing CV, the letter of endorsement, and a very recent photograph. The other letter to Dr. Phillip Augustin care of the Sorbonne regarding a leave of absence to participate in the expedition.
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