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From JTAS #32, Tlea (Casual Encounter)

Just looking for ideas/thoughts at this point.

I'm going to use GURPS:Robots, but feel free to toss in your own interpretation (CT, T4

Ekiai's nature has eluded Tlea. No one can pinpoint which world Ekiai is from. It
seems to share characteristics from many of the worlds in the Marches, but fits none
Seems strange that it was targeted for the installation on Dallia, but didn't mimic a local
lifeform. This might lead on to conclude it wasn't custom-built for the assignment and that
Naasirka has some sort of "general spy bot" on their internal shelves.

The crew of the Shidaka has not put Ekiai to any medical tests. The crew would be
surprised to find that Ekiai is not an animal but is a pseudo-biological robot. Ekiai was
built by Naasirka for industrial espionage. When found by Tlea, it was on an information
gathering mission, spying on the heavily guarded SuSAG installation on Dallia. Ekiai's
nature was discerned before it was able to escape the complex, and it was pursued by SuSAG
agents to Dallia Downport, where it sought refuge in Shidaka's cargo hold. The agents
traced Ekiai to the ship after it lifted from port.
Exhibits a decent IQ (perhaps like 10-12 range even) since it eluded pursuit (and undoubtedly
technology) to get to the starport and find a ship to stow away on. No hint on whether it headed
for a ship "going towards HQ" or just any old ship, but likely.

How to track a robot to a particular ship, when it entered that ship without being noticed until
the cargo hold ? Transmissions ?

Likely stats/abilities:

IQ of 10+
Thermograph vision
Acute Hearing +5 and/or
Parabolic Hearing 5 Levels
some sort of Data Interface (I've used SQUIDs to death so I'm going with a hidden tenacle with
a data jack on it).
Laser or IR com
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