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Originally Posted by rancke View Post
According to p. 142 of the Core book, "...a Medic check is required upon opening the [low berth capsule], applying the passenger's Endurance DM to the check. If failed, the passenger does not survive."
Originally Posted by rancke View Post
Does this mean that if the ship is carrying a fully qualified medic (with Medic-2), a passenger with average endurance will die on a roll of 2-5? Or is a Medic check successful on a result of less than 8?
Unknown without the other variables.
Originally Posted by Shonner View Post
What kind of roll is that? This is Mongoose.
Good question. Mongoose uses task difficulty, characteristic, and timing modifiers. A task typically is written as
Task Description: Skill, Characteristic, Timing, Difficulty
Using a mining drone to excavate an asteroid: Remote Operations, Dexterity, 1–6 hours, Routine (+2).

The description on page 142 does not provide these details. Aw, the poor GM actually has to do something?!

For me this is something the medic does every time there are low berth passengers and I think it should at least be a routine (+2) task.

Not sure if some other version of Traveller would help give a typical time for the task.

My thought is a decent doc would be level 2, have a +1 to their primary doc characteristic, and take their time. This would be a total +4, routine task another +2 for a 8 and success even on snakeyes. Chance of failure is if one is not taking their time and/or don't have a decent doctor.

Here are some more thoughts
Why not have a very qualified doc from the starport thaw out the popsicles.
The passenger might have instructions to contact a local doctor upon arrival instead of depending on the ships greasy engineer "I know machinery, let me give it a try."
Having an expert medical program give give a +1, or other assistance.
Situational modifiers
If a character has help, such as good tools, competent aids or other beneficial circumstances, he receives a +1 DM to his skill check.
maybe a higher tech low berth or a medical bay.
Aiding Another Character. "Nurse, monitor the occupants vitals while I revive them."

I'm sure there is something else I'm forgetting.
Originally Posted by rancke View Post
Originally Posted by Shonner View Post
This is Mongoose.
That's what I was afraid of.
It's not like Mongoose came up with the concept of deadly low berths and lotteries.

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