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Originally Posted by Saracenus View Post
2) When resolving the above Pilot throw, you have Pilot-0 so you don't get hit with any mod penalties for not being "trained" but you get the mod bonus of your JOT when making the throw (JOT-1 = +1, JOT = +2, ect.). If you get more than a +1 mod per level of expertise with a different throw, then JOT gives you +2 per skill level, +3 per skill level, etc.
Hmm, from my read of the CT JOT description, the first part makes sense. But the second seems to me at odds with the text (Starter Traveller, page 15):

Jack of all trades can be considered to confer skill level-0 in every other skill (but never level-1).
My read of that is that although you can avoid negative DMs (or attempt a task without the appropriate skill when required), you can never get a positive DM when using JOT. This does mean any skill level beyond -1 has no benefit.

Curious how others approach JOT in CT - is the skill level of JOT applied as a DM?
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