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I'm a big GURPS fan. Most of the books are thoroughly researched and playtested, so even if you don't use the system you have a ton of information available you can graft onto your world(s).

Say if you have a world that is a lot like ancient Egypt - they have a setting book for it. Just sand off the serial numbers, as they say, and you have a fully realized setting. Or in the Alternate History books you can use, for example, the Reich-5 timeline for a balkanzied world dominated by fascists and dictators. Or a pocket empire actually made up of two powerful, brutal dictatorships that have coordinated to conquer their surrounding systems.

And that's the beauty of GURPS itself - you just use what you want or need. But if you want psionics, or magic, or whatever, you can add it in. Then again, point system builds for characters is complicated, it can take time to create characters. But if you're using Traveller, that doesn't apply anyway.

I know Ken Hite wrote big parts of the Alternate History worlds, and he is a great game designer. You can't go wrong with a world designed by him.

- edit; oddly enough I could not stand Terradyne. That was one of the few SJG books I felt I wasted money on. To each their own.
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