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Default Colfax, CA Group Looking for Growth

I've got a group in Colfax, CA that's been meeting regularly for two years to play a mix of games including Traveller, Pathfinder, AD&D 1st ed., Call of Cthulhu, Tunnels and Trolls, RoonVenture, Mutants and Masterminds, and probably some others I've forgotten. Pathfinder and Traveller are the dominant games. CT is the current flavor of Traveller.

We usually have two campaigns going on any given night, so there's a choice. We're lucky to have a lot of people willing to run games. The age range goes from teens to fifties, spread pretty evenly across that spectrum. We have a mix of dedicated and casual gamers.

We're at a point where life has has a number of our players move on--to college, moving for work, etc. So we're looking to add some more friends to our group. We used to get about 13 to 20 players a night, now we're down to 5 to 9, so we're looking to bump things back up again.

If you're in the area, we play on Friday nights at a chapel in Colfax. Drop me a messsage via email (I'm not as regular about checking my mail here as I should be.) saundby at

We'll also be having some pick-up games over the holidays--board game days or one-shot adventures to try out new rules or houserules, which might be a good opportunity to get to know us.
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