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Oh, and Pen is calculated as Output x [TL Multiplier from Laser Penetration Table] = [cm steel] ==> then look up Armor Ratings table.

Effective range (i.e. out to 125 km): 62.5 MW x 12 = 750 cm steel ==> AR 75
Long range (i.e. out to 250 km): 62.5 x 6 = 375 cm steel ==> AR 67
Extreme range (to 1250 km): 62.5 x 3 = 187.5 cm steel ==> AR 59

I've just looked up my Weapons Tables and they're correct for this weapon.

(Thank goodness, otherwise that would have been embarrassing. I mean, I used to know all this stuff when I was compiling my consolidated MT weapons tables together!!)
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