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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
Is that what happened? Or was it simply that what they did publish was just too "meta" (vs "get the plans from the abandoned space station, and, oh, don't open the door to the lab -- just saying" adventures).

I don't know, but I can't really say that it died out, rather they usurped it with the House system and TNE. There was the transitionary module "Survival Margin" that acted as a bridge between the two, right? But how long was it between SM came out and the previous module came out? Meanwhile, Challenge was still going strong and had consistent Traveller content.

I just don't recall there being some long lull.
Traveller's Digest and MegaTraveller Journal were dedicated MT & 2300; Challenge wasn't really even a house organ, often having non-GDW games support, and many people playing Traveller didn't get it.

As for Survival Margin - it was a lot of Library Data, closing up the rebellion storyline in a very Deus Ex Machina manner. (Dulinor dying on Capital from a Virused Combine, for example)... Virus was intoduced but not mechanically defined. Mechanically, it merely provided conversions from MT to expected TNE compatible stats (Really, to TNE 2.2 and Dark Conspiracy stats). Generally, conversions have more skill levels than native TNE characters, but not enough more to be unbalancing. (TNE and DC give more skills per term than does TNE.)

About that time, DGP quit doing Traveller, and Challenge was the only support for some time. I seem to recall about 8 or 9 months. I know my local group of Traveller fans were generally put off by the setting; we tried it, I had a successful campaign... but was unfun for me. For those used to DGP's regularity, and who knew DGP did MT under work for hire as well as supplements under license, DGP shuttering its Traveller effort, plus GDW abandoning both rules and largely destroying the setting...

It felt to me like Traveller died the day Survival Margin was published.
It wasn't until T4 and T20 that I felt that the line was Traveller again. 2300 felt more Traveller to me than did TNE.

Mind, I started with CT. I liked CT. I liked it a lot.... but I loved MT. Survival Margin felt like a betrayal, and then Regency Sourcebook a further one.
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