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Originally Posted by Supplement Four View Post
This. Absolutely.

In fact, I actually prefer that the players know little about the rules. Just tell me what you want to do, and I'll tell you what to roll.

I don't have any of these players anymore, but when I did, I found the game was always focused on the story--as it should be--and never the rules.
Personally, I find your point of view on this the single most toxic attitude possible for gaming. Worse even than munchkin rules-lawyering.

Not knowing the game prevents one from making informed meaningful choices. And without meaningful choices, I may as well not bother. Without them being informed, I'm likely to do things that the character wouldn't or shouldn't do in the situation; essentially, my choices are less meaningful because of being uninformed of what my character is and is not capable of.

Worse is the munchkin player in such a situation - because he's always pushing for well more than what is reasonable, and wasting everyone's time at table by constantly probing for excess he can pull.

Further, as a GM, it wastes time. If everyone knows the basics, all the GM needs to do is state the difficulty and/or modifier.

Further still, most of the GM's trying to push that style of play that I've known have had a story in their head that they're going to force everyone through. Which is really bad for many newbs as they come to realize they don't have meaningful choices.
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