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I've finally got a better idea of Kalos beyond his job and his skills, enough for a rough description anyways.

PHYSICAL: Kalos is tall and thin ("spindly" is the word that comes to mind), with short dark hair he usually styles with a comb over.

EQUIPMENT: Kalos is generally well-dressed -- his shirt, pants, and shoes are made from quality material and rather expensive, though not too extravagant. He is almost always sporting his mesh jacket, which is in perfect condition... so far.

He carries his gauss pistol in a shoulder holster on his left side, keeping it loaded with HE needles most of the time. He carries an additional three magazines of AP needles on his belt.

MENTAL: Kalos is calm and collected. He often seems withdrawn, to some degree believing that the less he speaks, the more people will pay attention to what he says.

He is a loyal friend to those who've earned his trust, taking their secrets to the grave and willing to die for them. He doesn't speak much about his past beyond what is public record.

His skill with a handgun was hard-earned in in disreputable ports, and he has more faith in his gauss pistol than in most people he meets. To Kalos, deals are sacred, not to be reneged on unless circumstances offer no alternative. Nobody has crossed him twice.