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Zhevra stood outside the low berth room on the starboard side, forward of the small cargo hold. Gevaudan keyed the lock on the chamber and stepped in to begin reviving the sleeping slaves. One by one, the concubines and the one male came awake shivering and receiving blankets. Zhevra saw that the white Vargr took extra time to slowly and carefully revive each and monitored their vitals as they began to move. All ten sleepers were revived successfully. The females were helped by the six concubines with hoops in their ears. The male was aided by Gevaudan personally. All were fed and given hot drinks to warm up.

Gevaudan then gave them the same lectures about the Society of Equals, its slavery laws and how each servant could rise to freedom using the system. When each of the sleepers had accepted their fate on this new world, The male Equal brought in the ear hoop jewelry for the left ear of each he was to sell later that day.

“Get dressed in your crimson,” ordered Gevaudan Cannagrrh, “then step outside the airlock to your new home polity, the Dzen Aeng Kho, far and away from the dangerous Wilds, Safe from Virus and vampire fleet bombardment. These six will help you to the ground. I will have my Ongrung sonic rifle so don’t embarrass me and yourselves with poor behavior. These people know me and know my policy of transplanting rescues from the Wilds. As I’ve said, I have done this before.”

Zhevra put on her crimson dress and settled it correctly on her Suedzuk frame. She was the last of the slaves to exit the Far Scout, down the ramp in the evening sun and with the gentle wind pushing on their apparel. Below was small crowd of Equals as none of them wore the protestant head belts and waist belts in the public of this island Downport.

Gevaudan emerged last, dressed again in his black ballistic cloth uniform. He had used a velcro patch to attach the emblem of the Society of Equals, two upper canine fangs over a blood red circle. On a gun strap slung on a shoulder was a curious rifle, supposedly the Ongrung sonic rifle he had mentioned. At his belt hung the strange, finned flashlight she had seen him wear before. Zhevra looked over her shoulder and up at him. He looked charismatic in the evening sun with the light wind moving his neck ruff and mane. For a cyborg, a slaver, a male and a Gvegh, Zhevra again appreciated how Gevaudan could clean up. He was just formal enough for business, but in a duty uniform that allowed him to get the job done. Zhevra took another step down as the line of slaves moved to the ground below the Far Scout.

Fifteen females in crimson and revealing dresses had to hold down the split side falls in the wind and the male in a crimson kilt stood a little taller in his crimson kilt. From the crowd, there was light applause to Zhevra’s surprise. These people were applauding Gevaudan who reached the ground after her. They knew him to bring rescues out of the Wilds. This was not his first ranching fair. He moved to the crowd and clasped claws with a few buyers. Words of welcome were exchanged. The white Cannagrrh smiled handsomely, charismatic with his teeth white and the late sun glinting off his facial augments. Zhevra felt a twinge of new pride in that she had just agreed to be his slave, his crew. She straightened taller like the male slave had done, though with less silent protest.

Though to an outsider, it may have appeared that Zhevra was again the last concubine to be sold, she went to each slave as soon as a price was confirmed. As each was signed to a new master, Gevaudan stepped up to key in the unlocking of a collar.

“Dhaeos,” said Zhevra as the Logaksu was confirmed sold, “Good luck and I hope you put your new admin skills to work for your new owner.”

“Thank you, Zhevra,” said Dhaeos who then added while rubbing her freed neck ruff, “It’s not a Madam like Karrnae. He’s tall and looks like he might own a concubines’ villa. I hope you find a good placement, little Suedzuk. I’m sorry my Logaksu folk treated you badly. Be safe.” With that the two females parted. Near the last in the line of sales, the Urzaeng Arksouel hugged Dhaeos.

“Give them hell, number cruncher,” Arksouel said to Dhaeos.
Dhaeos nodded as another sale of the original sixteen was confirmed over her shoulder.

The Urzaeng female was hard to place but Gevaudan managed an off-world buyer who needed to hide protection for his concubines inside the concubines themselves. Gevaudan explained such to Arksouel.

“I can handle myself,” the large gray female said as she flexed her claws. She lowered her stance so that Gevaudan could properly and correctly key in the combination to her extra-large collar. As he did so, she surprised him with a lick to his forehead from above him, a kiss in human equivalent. “You have been good, Gevaudan Cannagrrh. I understand your project better now. Be well.”

“And you, sky reacher,” replied the smaller, white slaver. “I will write, so watch for my profile sigil on any posts.”

The Urzaeng nodded and then said, “Now. Show me this new master you have given me.” Arksouel accented her request by running her left claw through her thick mane and flicked her index claw across her ear hoop. It sparkled in the evening light.

Robots Vincent and Bob appeared in the cargo hold doors which slid open to allow them to unload the sold slaves’ possessions which amounted to less than a displacement ton. Zhevra saw them hand each their baggage and keepsakes. She also noted that there was less fear of the two robots even this late after the Collapse and the long nightmare of Virus. Local xenophobia must have been lessened or that they knew of Gevaudan’s Servitor assistants.

The Gvegh slaver met with a taxation representative and exchanged hard currency for sixteen sheets of hardcopy paper, Zhevra had counted each from afar while waving to the departing concubines. Even the male had sold to a brothel that featured males. At the sixteenth receipt, Gevaudan nodded and the two male Vargr clasped claws. Then Zhevra’s new master was confirmed, the Captain of the Sixth Horizon. She waited in an obeisant stance for Gevaudan at the foot of the airlock stairs to his ship.

“Stand up straight and proud, Chief Engineer Zhevra,” ordered Gevaudan. “It doesn’t do to have cowed crew.”

“Yes, Sir,” Zhevra acknowledged but added, “Though I’m the only Engineer on board.”

“A technicality.”

The white-furred cyborg displayed the receipt with Zhevra’s name on it. Gevaudan explained the Gvegh document that it detailed her Universal Personal Profile, some skills he had seen her display and her role under his ownership. At the bottom, a sum of the taxes was shown. It was almost as much as a full slave.

“The taxes are not nearly as high here as other worlds in this subsector, but I make a do.” A nostalgic flash of memory came over Gevaudan’s white face as he looked to the horizon where the sea touched the sunset sky. He came out of his remembered past and looked to Zhevra with an order, “I have to grav into town to pay fees for docking and maintenance. I’ll be back before midnight local. Please watch the ship with Vincent and Bob. Here is the combination to the ship’s locker, crewmate.”

“Yes, Sir,” Zhevra answered. The emphasis on ‘Sir’ to her was increased because Gevaudan was now her owner and her Captain on a vessel that would not mistreat her as the Service back home had.

“I’m not going to live down that ‘sir’ business, am I?” Gevaudan said with a half-grin.

“No, Sir.”
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