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Default Equus - feedback

feedback from the initial Equus IC thread. game concepts seldom survive initial contact with the players (and for that matter with the referee) so some commentary is in order after the first session. what you expected, what you didn't, what you understood and did not, what worked and what did not, whether you will or will not continue. I may or may not respond - some things, if they have to be explained, shouldn't be.

feel free. I am not easily offended and prefer open honesty and "I HATE YOU!" to lurking behind-the-scenes discontent. also another purpose of this thread is to inform other potential referees/players of what to pursue and avoid in their games, so sound off.

What did we miss? Who was on board? What happened to the crew?
I believe in presenting the game as the characters experienced it. you may never know.

What do you think we should have done differently?
what you should have done is entirely up to you. "could have" "would have" "should have" is part of the human experience. as an aside I don't always have any good idea what the characters "should" do, and even when I think something obviously should happen the players frequently do something else and make me run to catch up anyway.

Would you like to see anything different in our play?
much of the game was carried on in the ooc thread. likely as all of you become used to each other and to how I perceive the game that this will decrease.

would you like to see anything different?
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