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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TJP:
Um, I forgot the real reply from my previous post. Getting senile, I quess.

To Maud'dib (or Muad'dib or Paul Atreides): I strongly recommend you check MegaTraveller again if only you can find a copy somewhere. The task system in it is excellent, very "light" (i.e. easy to use and learn plus fast) and adaptable. The combat system is OK (needs a little tweaking, perhaps) and character generation follows Classic Traveller's style.

I've been using MT since it's release, I've made a few modifications and patches to it, but the system is essentially the same. In these almost 15 years since I got MT I still haven't seen a task/skill resolution system to beat it.

I agree that MT is overall the best Traveller rulesystem to date, but I'd be very wary of recommending it to someone just starting out who has little to no previous familiarity with Traveller and no friendly vets nearby to answer questions and explain/clarify things.

For one thing, the MT rulebooks are terribly edited and organized, with very few clear and meaningful examples. To a CT vet making the upgrade who already knows how everything works this isn't that much of a problem (barring the errata), but for a newbie encountering Traveller for the first time, trying to understand the MT rulebooks can become a nightmare of confusion and frustration.

Another drawback is that MT, by replacing all of the core Book 1-3 systems with the more complicated 'advanced' systems which came later, sets the bar of complexity awfully high for beginners. CT's simple-baseline-with-optional-complexity modular system is very beginner-friendly -- a ref can mix and match simple versus complex versions as he chooses -- and MT loses this for the sake of cleanness, consistency, and completeness.

Yes, the MT task system is head and shoulders above any other version, and if you're playing CT with ALL of the advanced options in place (Books 4-7, Striker, AHL, Citizens, etc.) then MT's integration and regularizing of these options into the core system is a big plus, but I still feel that MT as it currently exists (barring some MT-revision-as-T^5 pie in the sky) is mainly fit for CT vets and 'advanced' players, and that beginners should stick with CT, at least to start with.
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