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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
I like the idea, but curious how this is used.

On the one hand, it's nice and symbolic. "How do the astrologists deal with starless people."

On the other, I assume that the child born is born under the flag that the ship flies under.

This opens up the entire can of worm regarding ship registry.

Finally, the child may be born in to the family that they're born to.

So, just curious how this works in practice.
well, taking a page from real life rules about people born in international waters, the child generally assumes the citizenship of the parents, and then the citizenship of the ships registration (if the parents nation has citizenship rules that prohibit the child for some reason).

anyway, more slang:

EVA DIVA: pronounced to rhyme, an EVA diva is someone who is excessively nervous or unwilling to profrom EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity, aka "spacewalks"). Generally, this term is only applied to people who, by the nature of their position and experience, should be quite comfortable in a vacc suit in hard vacuum, but are not.

Wolf grin: the humourless, predatory baring of teeth that a Vargr does when they first meet a potential rival, as a method of intimidation. Also applied to the equivalent human facial expressions used in the same context.
Cubbing: the jostling for position between junior members of a pack or gang, as they argue and posture like a bunch of Vargr cubs.

as soft as an Alell judge: extremely harsh, draconian justice, applied arbitrarily, with no compassion or consideration to extenuating circumstances. Alell (Spinward Marches 1706) has a proverbially strict law enforcement system, and particularly the determination of guilt and sentencing, which is done by hard-coded computerised judge programs that take a purely factual detemination, then assign guilt and punishment, without human intervention. the results are then read out to the involved parties, who have no recourse to appeal the decisions.
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