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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
So, just curious how this works in practice.
IMTU, that's a superstitious thing. Contradictory rumors say that "starless" captains and astrogators are good/bad luck, crazy, possessed, statistically more/less often psionic, etc.

Oh, that reminds me:

Honeymooner: An engineer, particularly a senior one newly assigned to a starship, who spends the first few months living in the engineering spaces with or without the captain's approval. Its a common belief that an engineer thus learns every little hum, squeak, buzz and rumble of the ship, and combined with actual engineering knowledge and ability, facilitates optimal operation and proactive maintenance. This superstitious practice is frowned upon by deck officers in certain, more "rational" services.

"Ignore that rolled up blanket and hammock hidden under the starboard engineering companionway riser in frame 22. If the XO sees it..."

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