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Originally Posted by Xerxeskingofking View Post
Starless: someone who is starless is a person who was born in jumpspace. the term originated with the church of Stellar Divinity (who consider the sacred link between a person and "their" star to be the core tenant of the faith), but has since spread beyond the church into general usage. given the ability of Stellar tech level medicine to predict and control pregnancy and childbirth, starless children are very rare, but the sheer numbers of people moving around the Imperium still mean that their are millions of "starless" people born in the imperium.
I like the idea, but curious how this is used.

On the one hand, it's nice and symbolic. "How do the astrologists deal with starless people."

On the other, I assume that the child born is born under the flag that the ship flies under.

This opens up the entire can of worm regarding ship registry.

Finally, the child may be born in to the family that they're born to.

So, just curious how this works in practice.
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