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Originally Posted by creativehum View Post
It looks like Denis Villeneuve (who just directed ARRIVAL) is signing on to do a new version of DUNE as soon as he finishes production on BLADERUNNER 2049.
I was going to post this as well. I just saw Arrival last night, with a Q&A afterwards with Denis, his editor and the screenwriter. Denis described taking the job for the Blade Runner sequel as "dangerous." 😉 He wouldn't say anything about a Dune remake though. Favorite quote of the night - "If I am making a movie on my iPhone about a grandmother on the corner or a $200 million sci-fi adventure, to me it's still the same movie. It's a story of a person's journey."

Regarding The Expanse, I've loved the books for several years and have found great inspiration in them for developing individual systems IMTU. I'm very impressed with what SyFy has done with the material and definitely looking forward to season 2.

As for CT task rolls, well... I think the pilot of the Rocinante is at least skill-2 😉
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