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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
The GATU has no rebellion, so no reason to release virus, but the Empress Wave should still be a thing.

Has this ever been discussed in depth anywhere?
Virus could release itself - the GATU doesn't (as far as I've heard) say Virus isn't being developed.

Originally Posted by whulorigan View Post
Here's another thought. I know this is in the GURPS:Traveller forum, but:

How would the Empress Wave have affected the various other Galactic Regions according to the T5 Galactic Map.

How would it have impacted Galaxy-wide history prior to the Galaxiad era?

As for the empress wave and the others... Are we certain it's spherical? (I've not read 1248.) If it's not, that's 50KPC from the strongest canonical known point (the ~4000Pc from the rest of the known space coreward end of the Zhodani Core Expeditions)... roughly 15K to 20K Pc from the center (and

While the other big places are ≥30,000 Pc away from there.

So, if it's a sphere centered near that 15K Pc from center, then it's not going to hit them for a while. It may be too weak to affect them by then.

If it's a sphere centered near the galactic core, then they're likely to be suffering it about the same time as the Imperial space.

As I recall, it affects psions worse than non-psions. So how it would affect them would be determined by their rates of psionics, and where the origin is, and it's propagation methods.

I expect Galaxiad will have sometheing more.
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