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Originally Posted by Adam Dray View Post
This is all great stuff.

I didn't realize the displacement was liquid Hydrogen instead of water. That makes tons (ha!) of sense. Thanks for the conversion.

Is "Td" the standard unit symbol used in Traveller? I could swear I saw "dT" somewhere.

2 Td per soldier is in line with the MgT double-occupancy rules, actually. Pushing that down to 1 Td/soldier does less violence to my intuition as I draw deck plans. Mind you, that's if I assume that each soldier gets their own bunk and never shares space. If only 1/3 of the crew sleeps at a time, you need much less space for bunks, but you still need the other standard accouterments. I suspect soldiers want their own bunks, though.

One interesting thing about ship design in Nova Roma:

The hackdrive relies on a relativistic bubble around the ship. This 1) eliminates the need for streamlining for entering an atmosphere, and 2) pushes ship architecture toward a more spherical shape, rather than a "torch" design. It gives my ships more of a "fat" profile, which is a lot of fun, but in a lot of ways harder to design deckplans for. (I've dabbled in architecture all my life, so this is fun for me, though.)
DT or dT is standard naval shorthand for disambiguation between short tons {T} (US) or long tons {T} (UK), or metric tons {T} (both, sometimes {T Metric}, and Registry Tons (100 cu ft cargo space).

Mongoose may have used dT, but standard use here, for clarity, has been (for about 15 years) Td for Tons Displacement.
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