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Here are some of the dimensions of spaces that I took off of the deck plans. This is for the crew messing area.

Bramble Dimensions

Galley: Fore and Aft, 15.5 feet, Abeam, 15 feet

Crew Mess: Fore and Aft, 22 feet, Abeam, 10 feet

CPO Mess: Fore and Aft, 14 feet, Abeam, 8 feet

Wardroom: Fore and Aft, 17.5 feet, Abeam, forward 17.5 feet, Abeam, aft 15.5 feet

With respect to food storage, 1 mass ton of well assorted rations will occupy about 100 cubic feet or 0.2 Traveller dTons. That will feed, probably more than adequately, 2 to maybe 3 personnel for one year. (If you allow for mixed crews of men and women, use the 3 for lower calorie requirements for the women.) One Traveller dTon is approximately 500 cubic feet, so one dTon of food storage per year for every 10 to 15 crew.

Based on your maximum of 15 months to locate the "sungate", your ship will need food for 24 months as a minimum (I tend to be conservative when it comes to food), although you could go with 18 months. Food for 100 crew for one year will take about 7 dTons of storage, so you will need to allocate about 10 to 14 dTons of storage for supplies. However, if using double-duty space, i.e. benches in mess areas, storage cabinets supporting pool and ping-pong tables, and cargo space in landing craft, you can reduce that by a bit, along with using in-deck storage cabinets, using the between-deck space fully.
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