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This is all great stuff.

I didn't realize the displacement was liquid Hydrogen instead of water. That makes tons (ha!) of sense. Thanks for the conversion.

Is "Td" the standard unit symbol used in Traveller? I could swear I saw "dT" somewhere.

2 Td per soldier is in line with the MgT double-occupancy rules, actually. Pushing that down to 1 Td/soldier does less violence to my intuition as I draw deck plans. Mind you, that's if I assume that each soldier gets their own bunk and never shares space. If only 1/3 of the crew sleeps at a time, you need much less space for bunks, but you still need the other standard accouterments. I suspect soldiers want their own bunks, though.

One interesting thing about ship design in Nova Roma:

The hackdrive relies on a relativistic bubble around the ship. This 1) eliminates the need for streamlining for entering an atmosphere, and 2) pushes ship architecture toward a more spherical shape, rather than a "torch" design. It gives my ships more of a "fat" profile, which is a lot of fun, but in a lot of ways harder to design deckplans for. (I've dabbled in architecture all my life, so this is fun for me, though.)
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