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"Well, my last medic left a while back and I need a new one for a trip into Reaver's Deep. I have a fair ship, she's sound but comfortably shabby, so to speak. Not like one of your luxury liners, but she's still a good ship for what she's built to do."

Takes a bite of the sandwich and a sip of beer..., "Since we may be carrying passengers more often than in the past we need a qualified doctor on board to both thaw out the ones in Low, and help the ones in High."

Hampton passes Doc his pocket comp with the salary figures and initial shares offering of 4000Cr. plus 2 shares.

"Currently we are running on the lean side, times being what they are, but a trip into more speculative territory might help with that. This is what I can offer right now."
"I may have been grown in a vat, but I wasn't decanted yesterday."

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