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Originally Posted by sabredog View Post
Hampton gets a beer and walks over to Doc's table and introduces himself, "A little bird told me you were looking for a job, and the he ran away before I could find out anything more."

Sits down at the table, "I'm looking for someone who can help with any sick passengers and stitch up my crew - maybe even me - from time to time, what are you looking for?"
The gentleman looks up at the speaker, appearing typical except his bright green eyes, 'That might be me, if you got a joker to spare for a game.'

After Hampton flashes the card, the man turns to two players at the table, 'Well gentleman, it appears I have beer calling me, so, I am going to leave this game for now. But not to be a spoil sport with my winnings,' he cuts his pile of chips roughly in half and pushes them toward the two men, 'I will let you split half of my winnings and buy you both around of drinks on me.'

Turning toward Hampton, 'Pick a spot where we can talk, eat and have a few, as the drinks here aren't half bad. The name is Doc Freeman.'

With that the Doc stands and motions to one of the waitresses and whispers in her ear while palming her some credits. With a smile and hop in her step, she walks over the two remaining card players and takes their order.

Doc then follows Hampton to the table of his choice.
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