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Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post

Be that as it may, I do have some serious questions about Rates of Fire. CT and MT rules state that a weapon spits out four rounds per trigger pull, or you can go into "panic fire" mode, and rattle off a magazine. This has always bothered me because weapons, contemporary weapons, fire great deal more than that, and I'm wondering how it might be possible to reconcile insane rates of fire into a Traveller combat scheme of things.

Forget the experimental stuff. Stick with what is doable. How might it be possible to import real world specs and performance into a Traveller rule set.
Along with the previously mentioned heat that can jam up your gun, and accuracy being effectively nil in a hand-held weapon fired on full auto (at range, anyway, but in a room with a lot of targets that'd be different) there is also ammunition capacity.

A modern automatic weapon will have an average of at least 500 rds/min. Even just an AK-47 fires 600. With a 30 round magazine that's about 3 seconds of full-auto firing time. Which also won't hit a lot of targets unless you are practically next to them and they are lined up right next to each other - but you will suppress the heck out of a lot of targets down range especially if they are not behind cover and/or inexperienced. So you'll go through a lot of ammo doing that and that's why on weapons like the M4 they use the burst fire mode. Which is pretty much the way Traveller has it work, too, with 3-4 rounds per pull of the trigger.

Now a belt-fed M60 or SAW is going to be able to lay down impressive and more accurate autofire, but even then it can only do it accurately if properly braced (not from the hip, but on it's bipod and the operator braced) and with a spare barrel handy for when it gets too hot or it will jam up and be useless for a while or worse. And its a heavy beast with a lot of heavy ammo.

Hollywood ignores all this (as do a lot of YouTubers who are not very experienced or knowledgeable even with what they are shooting) for dramatic effect, which is why in a movie autofire is insanely effective at ranges beyond 50 meters with spread out targets. And why you almost never see anyone change their magazines out until behind cover and delivering dialog. Exceptions are out there but they are few. But in a typical Hollywood gunfight with automatic weapons I've timed bursts between mag changes (if they even happen) with what appear to be magical "Mags of Holding" since they must have something like 200 rounds in that little 30 round magazine that lasts and lasts.
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