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Default Full auto weapons, and Rates of Fire.

I hate to bring up this topic in light of recent events, but this has been a topic that's always bothered me. Just let me get this out of the way first, Traveller is more than just playing with guns in space. A lot of the adventures I'm writing deal with real scientific challenges, and little "gun play". They are, in fact, revisiting some classic themes of challenging men's intellect and values with real decisions about options for best outcomes. I've brought up a lot of military and weapon related topics in Traveller, but Traveller was meant as a generic Sci-Fi game, and not just a shoot-em-up adventure game.

Be that as it may, I do have some serious questions about Rates of Fire. CT and MT rules state that a weapon spits out four rounds per trigger pull, or you can go into "panic fire" mode, and rattle off a magazine. This has always bothered me because weapons, contemporary weapons, fire great deal more than that, and I'm wondering how it might be possible to reconcile insane rates of fire into a Traveller combat scheme of things.

Forget the experimental stuff. Stick with what is doable. How might it be possible to import real world specs and performance into a Traveller rule set.

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