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Default (ct) Star Trek The Next Generation : Galaxy

Star Trek The Next Generation : Galaxy a Classic Traveller Play-By-Post
set in the popular Star Trek the Next Generation Universe. We are looking for 6-8 players.

Player characters are all Officers aboard the U.S.S. Galaxy, on assignment to the Beta Quadrant in mid-2366, an area of space that borders the Klingon Empire, The Gorn Hegemony, and the Metron Consortium. Players will be required to boldly go where no CT players have gone before, and to run the Galaxy in the manner laid down by the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet Command.

This puts the game at the start of the Third Season of Star Trek TNG, Right around the time of the Episode "Yesterday's Enterprise". The game picks up from around that time, and the game would continue along from there, but not necessarily along the same history as laid down in subsequent episodes and series.

Character Generation:

Below are the basic sheets needed to complete a character for this game.

1. All players must be Starfleet Academy Graduates
2. No more than 6 total tours of duty by any PC, including the 4 years of Academy (which counts as Tour 1)
3. Any Federation race can be chosen for a PC, but PCs are encouraged to play full blood other races, rather than use the too-often used "I'm a half vulcan/half Betazoid/3/4 Tellarite" subplot vehicle.
4. No Klingons (Worf is the only one in Starfleet at this point)
5. No Soong-Type Androids, like Data on the Enterprise
6. No Medusans as PCs

Player positions:

First Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Security Chief
Ship's Counselor
Science Officer
Chief Engineer

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