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Originally posted by Swiftbrook:
I thought that the contents of the Travellers' Digest magazines was copywritted and that you couldn't post what you've posted. Hope I'm wrong.

I wonder how far something like fair use extends here... critical review would seem to be a valid use otherwise you could never publish a critique. Now, is going through and correcting the errors in an original work a critique? I'd say so.

Now, can one publish it as it appears here, more or less as original with different numbers? Or does on just have to do the nearly unintelligible thing and say "on page 3 of the article, line six, where it lists the EMS weight, the figure needs replaced with yyy.yyy"? I suspect that would be totally free and clear of any issues, but clear as mud. This version of what I would call a critique is a bit more dubious, but to stretch a point, I'd still call it a fair use. (But IANAL at all... nor am I familiar with the pertinent law in the pertinent jurisdictions...)
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