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Default Planetary invasion force

In my 2300AD experimenting, this is an attempt to adapt the ships shown in this thread from MgT1E to MgT 2300AD. Of course, many things change on this different setting.

As most my designs for MgT have been German, I'll keep with it. Needless to say, this is striclty IM2300TU variant.

German TL 12 Troop Transport:

Hull: 5000 tonhull1005000250
StutterwarpWarp Efficiency2.325.215.6
New Military STactical5--
Power PlantFusion U-35080
RadiatorsRadiators U-351.75
ComputerModel 6Rating 30-20
SoftwareStutterwarp Control BRating 10-0.2
-Fire Control/4Rating 20-8
-Self Repair/2Rating 20-10
Electronics/sensorsVery AdvancedDM +254
-Enhanced Signals ProcessingDM +428
-Grav Sensors-44
-Troops Barracks1300260065
Other FIxturesAutodoc210.05
-Sick Bay6 staterooms240.6
-Clamps for a 400 ton ship1102
-Landing ship140056.22
-Recreation Facilities-1350.675
-Repair Drones-5010
Artificial GravityDouble hull35 m radius671.647
Weapons mount 1Standard TurretType 17 DC11.8
Weapons mount 2Standard TurretType 17 DC11.8
Weapons mount 3Standard TurretType 17 DC11.8
Weapons mount 4Standard TurretType 17 DC11.8
Weapons mount 5Standard TurretType 17 DC11.8
Weapons mount 6Standard TurretType 17 DC11.8
Weapons mount 7Standard TurretType 17 DC11.8
Weapons mount 8Standard TurretType 17 DC11.8


The ship consists of a large not spinning core, about 14 m in diameter and 120 in length, from where 8 (in two pairs at 90 of each other) 45 meter pylons each joining with a cylinder about 70 meter long 282 m in circumference and 2.4 m in height.

In the central core there are the fusion power plan, the stutterwarp drive, the cargo area, 8 PD turrets, the spinning mechanism, the sensors suite, the reapair drones storage and (attached on one end of it) the Landing Ship.

In the spinning cylinder there are the crew and troops living (rooms and recreation) area, sick bay (including the autodocs), armories and the bridge. It spins at about 2 RPM, giving a simulated gravity of 0.2 Gs. Comfort is +2 for the crew and +1 for the troops. The pylons have interior ladders by which the troops reach the central core and board the landing ship as needed.


Crew is 15 bridge, 10 engineering, 16 gunners amd 1 steward, 2 medics and 5 flight (the crew of the lander plus 2 maintenance for it), all in individual staterooms. Weaponry is purely defensive, never expected to engage in space combat.

The ship can carry up to 1300 troops in double occupancy rooms and some initial suplies for them. The usual carry is 2 x 625 men battalions (each 5 x 125 men companies) and an armored platoon of 12 LkPz-IX (MgT2300AD main book, page 182) with their 24 crewmembers. This leaves 26 unoccupied places, usually reserved to specialists needed as mission requires, and only for 43 tons of supplies, so needing additional ships to carry them if operations are expected to last.

Cost in quantity is MLv 663.3
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