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Ok after all has been said and done, it looks like a page count change is due in the forthcoming T20-Traveller's Handbook release.

Rather than 320 pages, I have just placed the order for a hardbound, 448 page (16 pages of color), print-run.

This will obviously bump the cost up to $44.95 rather than the original $34.95, but we think you'll find it worth it. We just couldn't fit everything in with any lesser page count! Otherwise we would have had to start ripping out some of the core design stuff which we didn't think would be a good idea...

Keep an eye on the front page of the site, as I will be announcing the opening of preorders in the next few hours. Those preordering will receive a discounted price, along with a free copy of Traveller's Aide #2. If you already have a subscription, we will add one extra copy to your remaining total of issues left.

Traveller's Aide #2 will be available on or before Jun 25.

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