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Hey guys!

I'm SpaceBadger's oldest son (19), and this is my first Traveller game (and my first PbP).

Kalos Thar
6A7863 - Human - Age 30
Free Trader First Officer, 3 terms

Mechanic-1, CargoHandler-0, Handgun-2, Bribery-2, Trader-2, Astrogator-2, Broker-2, Ship's Boat-0, Pilot-1, Streetwise-1, JoT-1, Admin-2, Forgery-0, Holdout/Search-2, Gunner-2

Cr170,000, VaccSuit, Travellers' Aid Society

Kalos Thar left home at age eighteen, leaping into the Free Traders. Originally hired as a mechanic, he was swiftly promoted to 4th Officer. A series of unfortunate events taught him the value of a good sidearm, the art of greasing palms, and the finer points of making shady deals.

Kalos served on several different vessels during is 12 years as a Free Trader, learning the trade and working his way up to Second Officer. He had some doubts about the reputation of the Far Trader Mercury's Shadow, but signed on when offered a promotion to First Officer.

Kalos had already had extensive experience with smuggling, but was dismayed to learn of some of the things that Mercury's Shadow specialized in: illegal weapons and hard drugs, mostly sold to organized criminal gangs.

The final straw came when the ship was boarded by a small customs inspection team in a backwater system. In Kalos's experience, if you got caught smuggling you paid the fines and moved on. Now he learned another difference in smuggling serious contraband: there would be no surrender when conviction meant serious prison-time rather than fines. When one of the inspection team found a hidden compartment full of Tetrazombase, the guns came out, and a bloody firefight left the inspectors plus two crewmen dead.

Kalos wanted no part of the violent criminal gang that was the Mercury's Shadow's Captain and crew. At the next port he jumped ship and checked the "Crew Wanted" listings at the Port Office. He found the Fortunate Son, which was in need of a First Officer and was headed out to the frontier of Reavers' Deep, both of which suited Kalos perfectly. He signed on, found the Captain and crew to his liking, and is quite content with his new home.

Gauss Pistol, 3 mags of needles
Body Pistol
Mesh Armor Jacket