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Originally Posted by snrdg082102 View Post
Hello again Ewan, a.k.a. E.D.Quibell,

Oops, I forgot to say thanks for the reply in the other post so I will say thanks here for both. Sorry about that.

My understanding is that anything equal to or less than UCP 0.2 or a volume 2700 liters, I hope the volume is right, is considered an Open-topped vehicle by default. Anything greater than UCP 0.2 is considered to be enclosed and has the option to be open-topped. A design with an UCP greater than 0.2 capable of carrying an operator and passengers, by convention, can have the text of Open-top or Enclosed added to the description to help clarify the difference between models. An example would be the air/raft when a model has a version that is open to the environment or has external paneling enclosing the driver and passenger compartment.

The default is understood to be Open-top a design <= UCP 0.2 and for items > UCP 0.2 enclosed unless otherwise stated.

I am not sure if I cleared anything up with this post, but I had to try.
That's it.

But with Robots you don't need an operator, so you don't need to account for the workstation, so you don't need to acomodate the workstation volume outside the volume of the craft. So you don't need to account for the 5 to 20% hull reduction unless you wish for some aspect of the craft to be open tooped (like an open toped cargo compartment).

Open topped is a sophant thing, with robots you can chose to ignore it (unless the robot carrys sohpants).

Does that make sense?

Best reards,

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