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Hello again Ewan, a.k.a. E.D.Quibell,

Oops, I forgot to say thanks for the reply in the other post so I will say thanks here for both. Sorry about that.

My understanding is that anything equal to or less than UCP 0.2 or a volume 2700 liters, I hope the volume is right, is considered an Open-topped vehicle by default. Anything greater than UCP 0.2 is considered to be enclosed and has the option to be open-topped. A design with an UCP greater than 0.2 capable of carrying an operator and passengers, by convention, can have the text of Open-top or Enclosed added to the description to help clarify the difference between models. An example would be the air/raft when a model has a version that is open to the environment or has external paneling enclosing the driver and passenger compartment.

The default is understood to be Open-top a design <= UCP 0.2 and for items > UCP 0.2 enclosed unless otherwise stated.

I am not sure if I cleared anything up with this post, but I had to try.
Tom Rux
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