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Originally Posted by snrdg082102 View Post
Morning again OjnoTheRed,

I've had some time to ponder and concluded that anything below UCP 0.2 is not subject to the required calculations in Step 1-5. However, something > UCP 0.2 will need this step worked out.

There have been lots of items created that only had value to the designer, usually the value of see what I built.
Steps 5 Open Vehile relates to Referee's Manual page 63.

If the craft is less than UCP 0.2 you can't put a spohant workstation/seat in it. They must ride outside the robot (i.e. sit on it).

If you don't have any sophant accomodations then the rule does not apply (i.e. if the robot doesn't carry anyone then don't bother with open).

Does that make sence?

Best regards,

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