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Default [DBGD] Venture class Frontier Courier

D.B. Game Design is happy to announce the release of Venture Class Frontier Courier, available from

The Venture is the first in our line of starships for the new MGP Traveller rules set. The Venture is a 150 dTon fast courier with a touch of luxury. It able to serve as a Scout, Survey ship, Courier, Diplomatic Transport, Personal Yacht, and even as a Merchant vessel.

The Venture Class Frontier Courier features:
Detailed overview of the ship.
Highly detailed Deck Plans.
Keyed descriptions of each area of the ship.
Three Adventure Hooks.

$4.00 (US)
2.53 (UK)
3.14 (Europe)

If you would like to special order a Hard Copy please contact us via Email @

If you're into Minis we also offer the deck plans presented in the Venture Class 1" Scale. These high resolution 200 dpi deck plans measure 24" x 32" and print wonderfully. This will allow you to bring the Deck Plans from you desk top to the table top.

We recommend you have them printed at you local office supply store. However if you would like yours Printed and Laminated, we accept special orders. To make a special order simply contact us by email @

The Venture Class 1" Deck Plans feature:
Large 1" = 1.5 m/5 ft Scale Printable Deck Plans of the upper and lower deck.

$4.00 (US)
2.53 (UK)
3.14 (Europe)
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