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Although the figure for Manchuria's population, of just under some 2.8 billion in Earth/Cyberpunk Sourcebook is clearly too high, I don't think that reducing Manchuria's population to a tenth is workable. Manchuria is described as a country with a relatively backwards technology; Manchurian colonies, for instance at Han Shan, are relatively low-tech and left to fend for themselves. Despite an early start, Manchuria is only the eighth interstellar power by population

At the same time, though, Manchuria is shown as a powerful Earthbound country, capable of taking on a fairly large European coalition and winning but for a surprising Japanese intervention. A technologically backward Manchuria with a population of ~270 million people wouldn't be able to do that.

If the population in E/C S was reduced to one-third or one-half, it'd be more reasonable. One-tenth is too much.
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