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Originally Posted by DaveChase View Post
During each mouth, Doc will spend no more than 200 credits gaming (cards and mainly in port layovers), 500 credits on hanging out, eating and going out with attractive (single) ladies, and max of 1,000 personal credits on medical robot parts if he can find them.

Max of 300 credits will be spent fresh fruits and ingredients for making alcohol.

The rest of his monthly pay will be saved up just like he has done his entire life. (ie 1/2 pay is saved, the other half is lived on or saved also.)

4 months of card games, max 200 credits per month spent, 4 rolls; 5, 9, 6, 7
Dave, I don't mind you wanting to go back and roleplay Doc's hiring on with the ship, but we are starting the game as of jump-exit at Devonia; figuring out when each person joined the ship was just to provide some backstory as to how long they had been aboard.

I am not going to go back and figure everybody's opportunities to earn more pocket money from the date they joined the ship, so it isn't really fair to do it for Doc.

Just assume he broke even for those four months, I guess, and spent most of his pay. His pocket money as of game start on jump-exit at Devonia is whatever he mustered out with, less the stuff that he bought such as medical drugs, base shelter, lab, and any other gear. What he does with that or whatever else he earns from now on is in-game.

EDIT: I guess we could have roleplayed everything from when Hampton took control of the ship, but that would have involved only Hampton and Max the first few weeks, then Doc and Henry hiring on at Egarnigun, then all the stuff w cleaning up ship's ID and getting new transponder, then Kalos and Gayne signing on at Zwingle - that could have been a good chunk of roleplaying, but I expect Fritz would have gotten very bored waiting four months before Donoma could even meet the crew at Devonia. (Heck, we could have gone back even further and roleplayed everyone's backstory; Max's capture, trial, imprisonment, and release might have been interesting, too.) I decided up front that we were starting on jump-exit at first call in the Deep, and that everyone could either already be part of the crew, or else be waiting at Devonia as Fritz chose. We are not going to rewind and roleplay out everything since Hampton took the ship; the game started when it started.

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