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Originally Posted by toddaroo View Post
Another bit of errata for you, if Drone refers to the Droyne that is. Also listed is Drone (Droyne?) female names and Drone (Droyne?) name names (was that supposed to be Drone (Droyne?) male names?).
Yea, it appears I rolled a natural 2 on the title for those guys. Someone else commented that I "messed up a major part of the setting" because I was unaware that Droynes have 6 genders. I mean I knew there were 6 castes but I didn't know they each had their own gender. I still have a long way to go in learning the setting. I'm not sure how I'm going to fix that in the book, but I'll figure a way to do that too.

Originally Posted by toddaroo View Post
This will be available as PDF too, yes?
The PDF will be available around the same time as the printed book, which looks to be around the end of Oct.
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