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Originally Posted by Whipsnade View Post
Interesting stuff, Wil. Is TOR an example of NDS? Or perhaps "semi" NDS?
No. Not even all that close. TOR uses numerical dice in a fairly traditional way.

TOR uses 1d12 (with special values for 11 and 12), and skill d6. Unless the d12 is 11 or 12, compare the total to the TN (which is between 8 and 20 inclusive) to see if you succeeded. On a 12 on the d12 (A Gandalf) PC's succeed, and villains count zero and fumble if they fail on the other dice. On an 11 (A Sauron), PC's count it as 0 and fumble if the other dice don't beat the difficulty, while villains auto-succeed. If you succeed, the number of 6's rolled on the d6's sets the quality of the result.

Why do I say this is fairly traditional? Autofail and auto-success are part of D&D from early days - Nat 20 always hits, nat 1 always misses, no matter what the score, and aside from those two cases, it's the total on the dice that matters.

And, while I do have a TOR/Hobbit Tales d12... I've always just used black d12s with white numbers, with the numbers 11 recolored to red and 12 recolored to gold. (I got them cheap at Bosco's.)

TOR generates a linear scale of results, too, on a PC roll:
Fumble (Fail the TN on the d6's, and rolled an 11 on the d12)
Fail (sum of all dice < TN, and the D12 ≤10)
Success (Sum of all dice ≥ TN, or d12 shows 12; no d6's show 6's)
Great Success (as Success, except one of the d6's shows a 6)
Extraordinary Success (as success, except 2 or more of the d6's show a 6).

That's one more level than most trad games, excepting the RQ/BRP line. (Crit Fail, Fail, Success, Special Success, Critical Success - special is important for impailing weapons)

Back to NDS...

A typical NDS roll might be 2 proficiency and 1 ability, plus 2 boost, vs 2 difficulty and 1 setback, and generate...
<Tr> + <S><A> + <A><A> + <S> + <> + <F><F> + <F> + <Th>
Note - this fails! <Tr>+<S> results are not more than <F>... but the <A><A><A> + <Th> = <A><A>... so it fails, but with a beneficial side effect from advantage, and a significant benefit from the <Tr>
So, if it was plotting a course to Alderaan from Tatooine, it failed, you're going nowhere, but at least your buddy can try with a couple bonus blue next time (spending the <A> on next player gets a blue and specific player gets a blue), and with a minor hop getting you away from the ISD on your tail.

If it was, say, routine merchant travel Jumping Wypock to Regina, you didn't jump, but noticed the bad course in time to not engage the drive (2<A> to mitigate the fuel spend) and use the <Tr> to spot a derelict to go salvage..

No refined fuel? Change that from 2 difficulty dice to 2 challenge dice... if rushing, add a third, and on one despair (<D>), take a non-shutdown critical hit to an engineering system; on 2... <D><D> time goes wonky OR <D><D> you come out in the wrong part of the system OR <D><D> come out safely in the wrong system, a few parsecs away. At <D><D><D> think classic misjump, or a any combination of <D> and <D><D>. If you get a <D><D><D><D> result due to 4 or more challenge dice, that's a destroyed level mishap...
Threat on Jump? <Th> jump sickness (black die on all actions for duration of jump), or exit position errors (1 G-Day per <Th>) or minor hull stress (1 per <Th>) or minor relativity errors (<Th><Th> per day longer or shorter than main universe time)
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