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Thanks for the replies.

I've found a couple of Quick Reference Sheets on-line, which are presumably for CT, and/or the earliest variants of Traveller, which have the smaller Adventure-class ships, and shorter ranges.

On that, the following weapons ranges are listed, which I found to be exceedingly short, even by modern day standards, especially the "close" and "short range" weapons:

Adjacent (presumably Boarding Action range) < 1 km.
Close 10 kms.
Short 1,250 kms.
Medium 10,000 kms.
Long 25,000 kms.
Very Long 50,000 kms.
Distant 50,000+ kms.

Some weapons are limited to only Short, Medium, or Long range, so can't be fired at all of the above distances. Those seem to be fairly consistent, regardless of the weapons ranges, relative to one another, though the actual distances they can fire seem to be about 10X - 25X greater than the above, depending upon the range category, e.g. on the order of 50,000 - 60,000 kms. for Short Range, to several Light Seconds, for the longer ranges, in the newer, updated Weapons Range Stats.

In the original CT book (Book 2), 150,000 kms. is the standard commercial sensor range. I've run across mention of 300,000 kms. for a higher tech, merchant sensor, on-line. 600,000 kms., IIRC, for military/naval sensors. All can track detected targets out to 900,000 kms..

Is there a GM, or Referee Aid/Guide, Quick Reference Sheet for T5, or other later, Traveller rules editions, for Spacecraft Combat, available on-line, for Sensor and Weapons ranges, etc.?
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