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Hey, y'all. This is probably my fault bc I have been writing so much in the blog that maybe that encourages skimming rather than actual reading , but it seems there have been some misunderstandings on the character generation rules.

Re-read the Prime Rule and Second Rule. I want y'all to make characters that you will enjoy playing, with the limitation that they not be a Marty Stu who is Best at Everything and hogs the spotlight in every situation.

Really, whatever you want to build is fine w me, and the only limit is the Point-Buy system. Maybe it is my GURPS history, but I like players to have whatever character fits their concept, within the limits mentioned above.

So far, every character that has been submitted to me has been within the limits of what could have been built with Point-Buy, and that means they are fine with me!

I like using some kind of Traveller chargen as a framework for the characters, rather than just having skills picked off of a list. It gives them a place in the world and some back history can be made up from the various career events. But I have no problem w a player sitting down after however many terms they chose to serve, then applying the point-buy to improve some skills, drop others down to skill-0 if not so important (or eliminate entirely), to make the character they want to play as a PC.

So you could have a character who started out at age 14 as a Belter bc that was the family business, served two terms and mustered out to begin play at age 22, with a couple of skills like Pilot and VaccSuit and Zero-G and Prospecting (whatever Belters get; I don't have that book). The player may sit down and see that he has extra points he could use under the Point-Buy system, so he decides that this guy could be a better Pilot and adds a point there, and that the kid is some kind of natural born finder of valuable ore, so spends more points to boost Prospector up to expert level 4. Maybe he also rolled a Gambling skill, but doesn't see that as part of his character, so either drops it to skill-0 or just eliminates it. He could even look back at the Belter skill table and decide that it would be nice to have some Ship's Boat skill, even though he didn't actually roll that in service, and spend a point to add it. That would be a perfectly acceptable character in this game! He is built within the framework of a Traveller career, and skills are limited by Point-Buy.

I posted a kinda mixed up summary of Point-Buy last night, and a more coherent version (I hope) in the Character Generation page this morning.

Read over all of the options I wrote in the General Principles on Character Generation. I really did mean all of that stuff!

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