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Originally Posted by sabredog View Post
As a suggestion, we could probably use characters with some engineering, navigation, steward (if we take on passengers, but anyone can make a sandwich in a pinch), gunnery, and computer. At least for the shipboard skills.
I agree w all of the above, but would suggest that for general ship operations, Computer skill (programming and hacking) is not so important as Communications and Sensors. Although I believe Fritz has decided on a character who will excel at those skills, it never hurts to have some redundancy in important skills for operating the ship (for example, it would be nice to have another Pilot in case something happens to Sabredog's Hampton Rhodes).

I'll also note that Navigation is actually an important ship skill IMTU. Any Pilot can run the Nav programs if you have them on your computer, but it is a really good idea to have an actual trained Navigator who comprehends and can check the inputs into the program, and the results produced by the program!

Also, to DaveChase and Sabredog: since you have your characters ready, would you please make a public version of your character sheets (the parts you want known to your fellow PCs) and post them here in this thread? That way the other players can see who is already on the crew, for consideration in making their own characters. (Others can do the same, after I have seen and approved your character.)

Also, if y'all don't end up w PCs w skills to fill all of the necessary ship crew duties, we can fill the crew out w a few NPCs as needed.
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