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Default repo man game?

Well that didn't go well.

Twelve years. Training, quals, watchstanding, travelling. Jump, jump, jump. Even some shooting in defense of "The Agency". All that, for what? "We regret to inform you that your services are no longer required, good luck in your future endeavors, thank you, bye."


Well at least you're trained. Hit the imperial docks tomorrow, check the listings, "Please sir can I work for you? I can start now, I'll take minimum wage, I don't eat much ...."

You have some money, so for now here you are in the casino. Your drink on the table is vibrating to the music, you look out of the null-sound booth into the seven-dimensional dance field rising up several stories, hundreds of people in laser costumes above you celebrating ... something. Well no sense moping, might as well live a little, maybe the music is good, you let it in, yeah it's good ....

A man slides into the seat across from you. Hologram?, no, he's real. He looks you over, shouts your name past the music.


"Heard you lost your job."

Good for you.

"You were recommended to us, and checking your record we found you fit our profile. I represent Righteous Anger Of Heaven Incorporated, we do high-value high-opposition repossession in this region and given your training and background we think you might fit in to our corporate culture."

RAH? You heard of them, once.

Who recommended me?

"Doesn't matter. Interested?"
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