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Default [TDW:1416.2] Redemption

[Haearn System 208.069.1204 Fleet Time] Bridge, Agrassian

Wilmer wanted to gently wring her neck.

She was only a meter and a half away. Of course, she could physically stop him and then the rest of the crew would beat him senseless. No idea what Graves and that Captain Webb would do either.


Flossie had dug up the records. Webb had done well for himself. It was rag tag but it was a fleet. Seven years faster that Wilmer’s captaincy. If Lecoq hadn’t gotten himself knifed at the bar Wilmer would still be captain of the Tirannon. Of course, he’d be dying of radiation poisoning too. Such were the joys of having it out with Marnie. She had banished him by promotion and recalled him when things got tricky. Pragmatism.

Wilmer sighed. He was now acting fleet captain. He still wanted to wring her neck but it would be bad form in front of visitors. If she survived the trial he would talk to her. Comfort her. Just like they always did for each other. Then he would wring her neck and she’d beat the crap out of him. Just like they always did for each other. The crew joked that they acted like an old married couple. Only Sally knew about the ring Marnie had never accepted.

Fleet Captain (Acting) Wilmer Holden sighed again.


Captain Marnie Stephens [F] [9A3A96] (age 44) Agrassian – Fleet Captain
First Officer Wilmer Holden [M] 6239A7 (age 37) Agrassian – Helm (Acting Fleet Captain)
Third Officer Flossie Barlow [F] 767B57 (age 36) Agrassian – Comms
Third Officer Sally Roux [F] 77C874 (age 24) Agrassian – Engineering
Fourth Officer Madge Lebrun [F] A98663 (age 27) Agrassian – Sensors
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