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Originally Posted by Mako View Post

I'd like to know about my order as well, since it's been 3.5 months since I sent a payment to you, because the resin spaceship miniatures were advertised as "shipping" on the D20 website, and I still haven't received them yet, nor an ETA for when that will be done.

Payment was issued to you on June 16th, for the three-vessel, unpainted resin ship set.

Also, for some reason, you seem to be ignoring my numerous e-mail inquiries about these too, which is why I am having to resort to inquiring about the order status here.


R. Kent
I ordered the Beowulf, Gazelle, and Scout ship a year ago. I did receive the Beowulf, but not the Scout or Gazelle - despite Ken saying above that they would be shipping the last week of August.

I have requested a refund from Ken and d20 Entertainment. I shall post the results of my queries.
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